Saturday, August 8, 2009

1st Sitting Spell

Glad you are able to come by and sit on the porch a spell. It's a humid Saturday morning here on Petticoat Lane. Everyone is busy today, cause it's Saturday of course. Caroline and Maria are both (suppose to be) cleaning house. Barry is out in the yard working on getting the lawn mower tire on. Keith has gone to workout those football players at the college. Dave is putting Maria in a spicket out front and Aunt Maxine well she's puttering around the yard this morning.
Busy morning here on the the Lane, but have ya some tea, or maybe your coffee for the morning and we'll talk about what's happened here this week.......

It's been a busy week here. Caroline has gone back to work. School is getting ready to start back and she is getting prepared for all her little fun ones. She and Barry faired well this week after their long two week vacation out east. Pictures will be posted soon of their trip.

Keith finished his last week at Hardee's before college starts back up. Today is his first day back at Sports Med with the football team. Hopefully they won't be too rough on him. haha.

Aunt Maxine, she and Josh have been doctoring this week. She's had a scan on her kidneys. Everything is fine for now. They will check her again in 6 months. Dr changed her medicines around a little. She has been retaining too much fluid.

Brian was by earlier this week helping Aunt Maxine get her stuff back in the trailer after her big clean out she was doing. He made it two days in a row and we were all surprised. He is more of a "no show jones" haha.