Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday before Christmas and down on the Lane.....

Today is busy busy here on the Lane.
Nan and Mom have gone to do some last minute shopping while I slave here at home still on the baking spree.  Ok, so maybe I didn't "slave" all morning.  I have got some accomplished.
More truffles, this afternoon I plan to whip up some homemade caramel corn, yummy!!
I went this morning for a little pampering, getting my hair and eyebrows done. 
I met up and had lunch with my bestie. 
Barry is delivering mail, Keith is working.
Dave is in cleaning mode and decided on this cool day he would clean out the shed.
Josh is waiting on the arrival of Aunt Barb.  Hopefully today she could make it out.
They were lucky and LOTS of snow.

Hope you all are well on your way to Christmas as well.
Are you ready yet??

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